Sometimes You Lose, Sometimes You Gain

Sometimes, I don’t feel very inspired. Sometimes, I don’t feel like I’m going anywhere in this weight loss journey. Sometimes, it feels like I’ve stalled out, screwed up, gone backwards, and will never get to my goal. This is one of those times.


I haven’t been very dedicated for the past couple of weeks. I didn’t feel like tracking points (the Weight Watchers system) while out with friends; I didn’t feel like saying no to cake at another birthday celebration; and I didn’t feel like choosing a salad instead of a burger when eating out. While most of my posts thus far have been about the mental and emotional struggles I’ve had on this journey, the truth is that sometimes…it’s really just as simple as the food in front of me. Sometimes, I want a big piece of cake more than I want a loss on the scale.


So, the scale has crept up over the past couple of weeks. The good news is that it hasn’t crept up 60 pounds! It’s only crept up about 4 pounds. During times like these, I try to remind myself that 4 pounds is not 60, and that I can definitely recover from my back tracking.


I also (confession time) haven’t gone to an official weigh in at my Weight Watchers center in 2 weeks. It can be rather difficult to let someone else weigh me when I know I’m going to have a gain. It embarrasses me and makes me question what they think of me. But, ultimately, I know that every single person at that Weight Watchers center has had a week (or 2) like mine. All of us have gained weight! Weight loss journeys as big as this one are not as simple as loss after loss each week. In fact, if I never had gains, I think I’d be far less likely to keep the weight off!


The only way to keep this weight off permanently is to learn how to handle all kinds of different situations, including gaining and maintaining. When I’ve tried other systems in the past, I’ve always given up as soon as I stopped losing for a couple of weeks. Why? Because drinking Slim Fast twice a day and NOT losing weight is so not worth the struggle. Cutting out all carbs and NOT losing weight is absolutely not worth the will power for me. But, with something as livable as Weight Watchers, following the plan and not losing isn’t a crisis. I truly feel that if I were to stop losing right at my current weight and NEVER lose anything more, I would still stay on Weight Watchers.


This plan has gotten me so far… no other plan has ever gotten me this far. The idea that I can actually eat 3 meals a day and not starve while also losing weight or even just maintaining completely boggles my mind. So, I have no losses to report this week. I’m up about 4 pounds. Guess what…


I still haven’t failed 🙂


And I promise to go weigh in at my center this Saturday!

(Congratulations to my mom, who graduated this weekend with her second Master’s Degree! YAY MOM!)


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