When Feelings Aren’t Enough


Sometimes I find myself very frustrated in my weight loss journey because I feel like I’ve invested so much into this journey, but I’m not getting the results I want. For example, I’ve been a paying member of Weight Watchers for over 2 years. I have paid over $1,000 to Weight Watchers, which is, by far, the most money I’ve ever paid to any weight loss program EVER.


Uhm, excuse me, Weight Watchers… but isn’t it about time that I met my goal weight? You claim to work. I mean, your tagline is “because it works.” So, why aren’t you working?! I’m certainly paying you enough to work!


Before you answer that question, let me tell you another story.

When I was around 8 years old, my Sunday school studied the verse in Matthew 17 of the bible that says “if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” (Don’t run away, I’m not about to get all preachy on you.)


That night around bedtime, I sneaked into my bathroom with a pen, closed and locked the door, and sat down full of determination. I placed the pen on the bathroom counter, closed my eyes, and concentrated very hard. “God,” I said, “I believe in you, and I have faith. I have so much faith!” (trust me, I could feel the faith. It was enormous. At LEAST walnut-sized). I opened my eyes and said with such authority “Pen… MOVE!”


The pen did not move.


Shocker, right?


I tried again. I concentrated harder, and I told God how much faith I had, and I felt this watermelon-sized faith in God, and I commanded the pen to move again! And, of course, it didn’t move.


This was a frustrating night for me, and I ended the night believing that I didn’t have enough faith to move the pen. Not even a mustard seed portion of faith. Eventually, I gave up, picked up the pen, and went to bed.


Sometimes I think that I view my weight loss journey the same way that I viewed moving that pen back when I was 8 years old: thinking faith alone will move the scale just because I feel so motivated. Here I am, investing money, time, and faith in a program, and then not understanding when that investment doesn’t lead to the scale moving DOWNward.


This is a pattern I’ve followed time and time again: I get super emotionally pumped and motivated, I commit excitedly to a new weight loss program, and then I run out of faith in the program, get frustrated, and quit. Sound familiar?


The truth of the matter is that faith is not all that is required to move mountains, including the mountain of weight I’m trying to lose. No amount of money, motivation, or emotion is going to move the scale down. Only action, following the plan’s rules, and applying it to my life 100% will make this weight move.


Likewise, lack of motivation does not mean that I have to stop losing weight. I can feel super awesome about my weight loss journey or I can feel completely crummy, irritated, and like giving up… it’s whether or not I choose to follow the rules of the plan that determine whether or not the journey continues downward.


So, I guess it’s time to remind myself that I’m a grownup now and can’t expect things to move when I tell them to move. Here’s to committing to follow the plan even when I don’t want to… even when I have no motivation. If I can do that, I know that I will eventually reach my goal.

11 thoughts on “When Feelings Aren’t Enough

  1. Thank you for this. Today, especially. I am in the process of losing 30 lbs., and some days, it just seems like I’m never going to get there. But I have to remember to commit every day, even when I just don’t feel like it. Truth.

  2. This is sooo true. Thank you for posting this perfect reminder… you have to do your part for something to ‘move.’

      • I am really having a hard time with word press…trying to post a comment and it is taking forever to connect anyway here is the comment to why am i fat that i was trying to send you…Thank you for your blog,it is really inspiring me and I guess my pride says geeeeez you are SO young and you figured this out and did it and it has taken me and is STILL taking me 5 decades to get it off.So many emotions buried deep inside to uncover.I wanted to encourage you too by telling you there is a group on Facebook where we all use scripture to encourage each other,It is called “Celebrate Recovery for Food Addiction” and My comment to this post is what you said about LIVING In THE MOMENT….Christ gives us all the strength and wisdom we need for that moment.Ha ha ha and by the way I want the recipe for macaroni and cheese!Somehow because you were the same weight as i am now your story gives me hope I really do have a cute figure under all of ‘this’.

        THANK YOU!

      • No I don’t think you are getting them at all I go to post a comment and it doesn’t submit it or it says ‘waiting to connect to word press and i waited an hour and still nothing happend’anyway don’t stress or eat over it LOL …I will just read and not comment….but did want you to know about the AWESOME Facebook group.I left you the name in my other pm.

      • Lisa this is meant to be a pm privately.I want to set up my own blog to document my joureny.do you have the basic plan or the premium? i just got the one that is free but i can’t seem to put a picture on my blog like you have…geesh is it really $100 a year to post pictures vs no pictures for free on your blog?Boo.If this ends up being posted on your site and anyone else knows the answer I would appreciate the answers.The truth is i think i did read you have to pay the $100 and i just don’t want to believe it.

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